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2022 Jack Adams Award finalists unveiled

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2022 Jack Adams Award  

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  1. 1. Who will win the Jack Adams Award?

    • Andrew Brunette
    • Gerard Gallant
    • Darryl Sutter

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3 hours ago, gurn said:

Where is Bruce?

These guys are more deserving, we were super hot down the stretch but these guys had their teams playing like top teams the entire season. If Bruce starts the season here maybe the story is different, but he didn't. 

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20 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Sutter managed to drag a tab with multiple locker room cancers and no captain into the playoffs.  It's pretty amazing what he's done to make some people believe that his team full of gutless cowards are actual contenders.

I dunno, it's not as if he's taken a plucky, rough team that's bought in and won a cup before. 


Oh, wait.


They're one of four teams left in the west, they probably get through Edmonton. Now, they probably don't beat Colorado, but getting to the final four seems like contending to me. We'll see if they manage it. 




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7 hours ago, falcon45ca said:

Canucks didn't make the playoffs...has a Jack Adams winner ever not made the playoffs I wonder?


Pretty sure it has never happened.  But there is a pretty good case for Bruce this year anyway in my books.  Wouldn't be surprised if it's revealed that he got a reasonable number of votes when it all shakes out.

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