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Brock's Father Duke Passes Away

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6 minutes ago, WEVEGOTMOTTE said:

I think they are talking to Kuzma re the privacy part. A Sad day for the Boeser family. Thoughts and prayers. RIP Duke. 

And I think they are saying the same thing that is said, anytime a family is dealing with grief.

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You carry memories with them forever, they are always a piece of you. 


Eventually it ends up making you stronger. Thinking about some little things you wish you had done a bit different.  


Then never repeating it again and becoming a better version of yourself in the present. And learning to enjoy every second with the people and Animals that you love. Growing Empathy, taking care of others. 


Everyone in this world has to deal with this stuff at some point. :wacko:

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Gotta be a tough day in the Boeser household. However, I hope/bet they'll gather in warmth and comfort as they celebrate all that Duke was. He'll be right there with them through the stories they'll share and the love and laughter that rises from his name.


My thoughts are with them on this day. May they find strength in one another and smile through the pain.

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