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Proposal - Philadelphia

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Need to get creative a take on a bad contract or two to get draft picks and/or prospects back.


Assuming Miller & Boeser/Garland are traded.


Philadelphia receives:

2023 3rd Rd Pick


Vancouver receives:


Tyson Foerster


Philly does this to free up some cap to sign their 3 RFAs & make a run at Gaudreau.


Vancouver does this to get some experience back in JVR and can flip him at the trade deadline. Also get a big RHD C in Foerster; he has a great shot, IQ, and defensive awareness. The only knock is his skating which he can work on his game with the development staff in the AHL.


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JVR's 7m cap hit is only absorbable if both the players you mentioned are gone. (Which you DID state). Or, alternatively, if we manage to move either Myers or OEL. I suppose this would all signal that management is ok to spend one more year rebuilding and not necessarily make the playoffs next season. If that's the plan, then I guess this makes some sense to acquire a potential impact player. I too like Foerster as a target.



1) If his skating is poor, I'm not sure how interested management will be since we are supposedly trying to get faster. Yes, he has time to develop that but *most* players that end up skating well already started with solid skating skills when they entered the league. Scenarios like Horvat where he somehow finds a way to turn a weakness into a strength isn't all that common.

2) I thought the general direction of this team under new management was to make us a BETTER team next year, if possible. That's going to be difficult enough to occur with Miller gone, but is virtually impossible if we replace Boeser's average .80 ppg with JVR's badly declining production. 

3) Green was raked over the coals for the team not playing a decent defensive game. I think we have improve in this regard, but Demko still has to stand on his head every night. JVR is a poor defensive player who is going to cost us being in the lineup. What moderate offense he is likely to bring is completely negated by his play without the puck. I guess doing this at least helps us with another draft position, but that's about it.

4) Is there enough pressure on the Flyers to improve their team as soon as possible at any cost? I always thought they were more trying to "retool", in which case giving up on a 1st rounder will be a tough pill to swallow. Getting rid of JVR's cap DOES help this in that regard though, so I could see a possibility of them just eating the cost in order to be better this coming season.



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