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(Proposal) Vancouver-Nashville

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One player I've been intrigued with since reading about him before last years draft. He brings high energy, high intensity, bad attitude and offensive ability. The one knock on him is his tendency to be undisciplined. I'd rather have an ultra-competitive player then one that falls short in compete level.

Luke Prokop is a big, solid defenseman, who brings a lot of speed to go with the size. There is a lot to like about this kids game.


To Vancouver- Zach L'Heureux, Luke Prokop, 2022 17th overall pick

To Nashville- Bo Horvat, Tyler Myers (2mil. retained)


We get 3 big pieces that propel this team forward in the youth department. Young, skilled sandpaper, players. Exactly what we need. We also get some, much needed cap relief.

Nashville is ready for higher success now. Horvat allows them to walk away from forsberg if things can't be worked out. Bo still has one more year on a favorable deal. A center core of Granlund, Johansen, Horvat, and Sissons is a pretty formidable foursome. At 4 mil. X 2, Myers becomes much more attractive to a lot of teams. He'd be a solid addition to their blueline.


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I don't understand why we don't just draft these guys. Instead were willing to give up our captain.


Lets stock pile some mid draft pics. This year we draft Lian Bichsel, and a few of Liam Arnsby, Kiril Dolzhenkov, Noah Warren, Sam Rinzel, John Babcock, and we have no need to make a move like this.

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Not a bad proposal. 


Maybe instead of Bo we trade Miller in that spot and retain on him instead of Meyers. I'd prefer to keep Bo over Miller mainly because he is younger and also likely to sign a cheaper next contract then JT. 


But yeah we'll end up with 3 solid prospects and clear some cap. 

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