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[Proposal] Canucks - Penguins

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The Penguins need cap space in the short term to extend a window for an aging group.  Once they sign Letang and Malkin they need a way to flesh out a roster.


Assuming we make another move or two to clear some cap like a Miller/Boeser/Myers deal, we could take on some cap.


Not every deal is a huge sexy, one… some are incremental and help set us up down the road like this one shedding future cap liability for an expiring contract and a little more.











Both Zucker and Kappenen bring a lot of speed which we really need.  Zucker if he can be healthy could have a bounce back, Kappanen is still a middle six talent with upside and shouldn’t cost too much to extend… maybe Pearson numbers or a little more.

We trade longer term cap liability for one year of Zucker’s bigger cap hit.  The Penguins get a solid Pearson for more playoff depth and they clear out some cap for next year. That is a better deal for them than buying out Zucker which could be on the table for them.


Some of Miller/Boeser/Hoglander/Garland could be used to get some immediate help on D and some picks to help in the future. 








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