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7.8 million Hockey Canada will not be getting..

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Canadian Government freezing funding directed to Hockey Canada.. 




The office of the Minister of Sport confirmed to Sportsnet on Wednesday that it is freezing government funding directed to Hockey Canada.

The news, which was first reported by TSN’s Rick Westhead, comes just two days after two of the organization’s highest ranking officials, outgoing CEO Tom Renney and president Scott Smith, testified before the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage Monday about their actions around June 2018 sexual assault allegations that recently came to light.

The focus of the hearing included questions around whether or not public funds were used by Hockey Canada in its settlement of the ensuing lawsuit last month. Canada’s minister of sport, Pascale St-Onge, called for a forensic audit of Hockey Canada’s finances earlier this month.

Six per cent of Hockey’s Canada’s annual budget – amounting to about $7.8 million – comes from government funding each year.

Hockey Canada, its finances, and the organization’s internal reporting structure has been in the spotlight since the June 2018 allegations first became public last month with the settlement of a lawsuit brought forth by a woman who says she was sexually assaulted in a London, Ont. hotel room by eight Canadian Hockey League players. She has not named the players, some of whom were on the 2017-18 Canadian Junior men’s national team, and has also made clear her wishes to keep her own identity private.

The lawsuit, in which the woman was seeking $3.55 million in damages, was filed in Ontario Superior Court on April 20. Terms of the settlement were not released.

Hockey Canada said during Monday’s hearing that a third-party investigation into the allegations was initiated in 2018 but ultimately remains incomplete.

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Government is willing to cut almost anything except for their salaries. They're more apt to vote themselves raises, which is awesome when the rest of the country is struggling with paying bills and gas at 2$ a litre. 

 We need a new "honest" government that manages our resources properly and it wouldn't be a problem. Yeah I know, I'm dreaming. 

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just looked up the roster of that team and there are a lot of NHL'ers. WTF is wrong with these young males who can't seem to make the smart choice? i love the Spittin Chicklets guys but they need to put a stop to always making rude sexual demeaning comments towards women every episode. How many young males listen to that and think its ok to treat females in that same manner because it's "cool"? 

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Good hockey players are 'special ' people. Regarded by some people as better than the rest of us.

Kind of like the US treats their Quarter backs, some musicians and some actors.


Privileged from the beginning to the end of their careers. Some folk will give more 'slack/leeway' to the "elite" than the lowly unwashed masses.

Happens on here all the time.

Coach Joel Q. - a horrible person , more concerned with winning a  trophy, than the sexual abuse inflicted on a member of his team/organization; yet some wanted him as the next Canuck coach.

Some people would hire Grahame PERVERT/CHILD MOLESTER James if they thought he could coach the team to a Stanley Cup victory.

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3 hours ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:


Canadian Tire didn't see the problem with continuing to work with Captain Clown after his misconduct became public knowledge via the Beech report.  Hopefully they take this opportunity to understand that they can't be associated with a dirtbag like Toews either.

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