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[Signing] Vegas extension with Reilly Smith

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2 hours ago, Alflives said:

No insurance company would cover the Ferland contract but Benning signed it anyway.  But it looks like some teams, that use LTIR, might want the contract anyway.  

Wow I didn’t know that. 
Jb looks more and more like a Donkey. 
Can’t believe he lasted 7 seasons of sucking, FA loved his yes man fist puppet I guess. 

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6 hours ago, Elias Pettersson said:

Sure I’d do that as well. Would Vegas?  

No idea but helping them with their cap + the threat of just offer sheeting him... I'd sure be looking in to it. Have to clear cap first though...


6 hours ago, Bobby James said:

Yup I'd do this too. I was hoping Van would take advantage of the Vegas cap situation (even with Dadonov) and Pac at one year left is an easy yes if we can get back a solid younger player or a decent pick. 

Patches, Petey, Podkolzin on a line...?:wub:

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14 hours ago, D-Money said:

My guess is they’ll be looking to move at least 2 of: Karlsson, Marchessault, Martinez, and Broissant.


They’ll also have to choose between keeping Roy or Hague, and deal the other. (Probably will depend on which veterans they trade. If they move Martinez, probably keep Hague.)

I think Hague's situation (signing age and years of experience) means he cannot be offer sheeted and he has no arbitration rights. So, by the letter of the law in the CBA, he is only in line to be offered a one-year two-way contract worth $874,125 by VGK. He could choose to hold out, but what young NHL player would want to sit out the season and not keep playing and developing? He will likely look at it as one season and then he will cash in. But it helps VGK immensely because they don't need to worry about losing him and his cap hit will be tiny.


Think VGK will try and move Karlsson and Martinez. This will give them about $10.5m in cap space to sign Roy and 4 other depth players to complete their roster. Easy especially with their low income tax.

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16 hours ago, mordekai said:

He is not actually. Just because he is on pace to get 60 points doesn't mean he is a 20g 60pts player. In fact he has never hit 60points once other than his miraculous season. His stats is trending down, he can't stay healthy. No one smart enough is going to take on 5 more years of that at 6million. 

Btw he is older than JT Miller by a few months and since many have claimed JT is OLD and going to trend down, I would assume this logic applies to Karlsson as well. :frantic:

So do we call him a 24g 56pt man then because he did that twice?  You're reaching here.


He had his mega season, then had a 24g 56pt campaign, then had a year with some injuries that limited him to 63 games, then here's the big one, you understate his performance in a year where no player could play more than 56 games and say he didn't hit 60 pts that year.  Oh boy...


I know you'll keep going on about it, so I'll agree to disagree.  I believe you can expect 20g and close to 60pts from him on a pretty consistent basis.

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