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[Report] Gaudette UFA

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2 hours ago, Teemu Selänne said:

Too much baggage for it to be in Vancouver, but could see him playing a Nic Petan role for some team next year.

So gifted a roster spot for no reason and then playing like compete trash and being worse than useless?

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2 hours ago, Devron said:

Scoring the shootout winner In a meaningless game against Vancouver will be the highlight of his career 

Or maybe being USA's leading scorer in the recent Worlds?  (And his 6 goals were just 1 behind the leaders, PLD, Cozens and Pastrnak)

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I remember when most of CDC were gushing over Gaudette and what a gem of a find he was in the 5th round.


I was never convinced. He was just to raw with too many holes in his game, even though his 19-20 season had me wondering if I had any clue.


I wouldn't say it's a lost cause for him - he could still improve as he's only 25, but he'd have to be a late bloomer for sure. 

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2 hours ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

What's sad is he has the tools to morph his game to a 2-way style. Then he can be defensive and have an offensive upside. He's smart, plays with emotion. 

He has all the tools, it's a matter of how bad do you want it? It's a pity that Malhotra isn't a coach here. Because he went from a gifted offensive forward, but wasn't able live up to expectations. So he changed his game and became a very good 2-way centre. So he could help a guy like Gaudette because he knows what he's going through. 

On that note, I think the best thing that might be able to happen to him now is if Stevie Y decided that he's worth salvaging and brings him onto the Red Wings on a low one-year contract, and then points out to him his own evolution as a player, and hope it gets through AG's thick, numb skull.

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3 hours ago, Mustard Tiger said:

Went after looks over brains and she probably has been dragging his career down because of it. Not much potential to become much regardless though 

They're probably sick of each other already.

Wait 'til he's home all day with no paycheck.  (Like me!)

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