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[Rumour] Poolparty wants out again

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Just now, Kobayashi Maru said:

Since Pearson is a roster placeholder (a good one) for us until we are more ready to realistically compete would Edmonton be in interested in a swap for Poolparty since they are ready now?  I would assume they would want to swap for a D, but who knows.

They can have Poolman, who is better then anyone they have on their right side.

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7 minutes ago, RWJC said:

Seattle bound? Apparently both clubs are enquiring about DeBrincat?

Hagel brought back two firsts. Debrincat is about to bring something insane. I know they are two small guys but shoooo buddy jack hughes and debrincat magic could be insane to watch. They would just need to add 3 big guys to the top 6 

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1 minute ago, Kobayashi Maru said:

Perfect, done!  Poolman definitely has the tools, but doesn't appear to process the game well.  As someone said, it's literally Virt 2.0.

I still wonder how he'd do with proper veteran leadership and without the locker room cancer Edmonton has wearing the C.  McDiver's character issues seem to have caused some issues for the kid's development.

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