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My Hopes for the 2022 Offseason [The Three Moves I Make]

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So far, I have been very pleased with the moves made by the new management group. Everything from the limited leaks, to the confidence of the all-access videos, to the relative sense of calm in Canuck nation. I think Allvin and Co. are even having a calming effect on the CDC for the most part.


Given the direction I think we are going in, I would still like to think we have a few key moves to make. These are ones that I expect, and am not hoping for. 


Trade 1: Big Splash


J.T. Miller (with 50% retained as its only one season and will up his trade value) 

4th Round Pick


to Washington for:


Connor McMichael (our long term centre replacement, behind Pettersson and Horvat)

Vincent Iorio (big solid RHD and a future prospect for the pipeline) 

2022 1st Round Pick 
2023 3rd Round Pick


Why Washington Makes the Move: Remember when Sami Sosa and Mark McGuire grabbed the attention of all of North America for that summer in the late 90s? The Washington Capitals, and their franchise must finish what they started with Ovechkin, and his race to Gretzky. Aside from validating their financial commitment to the player, it will be a huge revenue creator for the franchise. The countdown will be front page especially as he gets closer. J.T. Miller is a consistent, durable player who will either create space for Ovechkin, or have space of his own. It's a good match up. And as I said, the next few years are dedicated to getting Ovechkin to that record.


Trade 2: [1 for 1 Hockey Trade]: Option A and B


Option A: 

Conor Garland


to Pittsburgh:


John Marino 


Why Pittsburgh Makes the Move: Two affordable contracts being traded for each other to help with a positional need. Garland could excel in the Top 9, and Crosby could help make that contract even more of a bargain. Vancouver gets a young RHD to play with Hughes, until Iorio is ready to step into that spot. 


Option B: 


Pearson/Dickenson + 


To Florida: 


Radko Gudas 


Why Florida Makes the Move: Florida has a size issue. Their forwards whizzed around the ice in the regular season, but in the playoffs got pushed around and were rendered ineffective. Having a big body like Pearson could help in their middle 6. But largely, it will be our plus (prospect or mid pick) that will make this trade happen. Gudas will protect the hell out of Quinn Hughes. It is amazing how much space that man creates. And his contract would be affordable too. 


Move 3: One of the Following UFAs


1) If Miller is moved: Vincent Trocheck for 5 years X 6 Million: Sandpaper, Grit, Nose for the Net, Shows up on the scoresheet in multiple ways, will be 3 million less than Miller 


2) If he is available: Josh Manson: 3 years X 4.75 Million: I don't know what gymnastics are necessary, but I think Colorado resigns Kuemper, Burakovsky, and Nichushkin, and has to let Manson and Kadri go. 


3) If he is available: Frank Vatrano: 2 years X 2.75 Million: Feisty, Speedy, Timely goal scorer, improves team speed, quickly gains chemistry with new linemates


Remember, I don't believe we can do all of these. Only one. So I ranked them in order of helpfulness to the team. If Miller is not moved, then Manson becomes the top free agent. 


2022-2023 Opening Night Roster


Podkolzin - Pettersson - Boeser


Hoglander - Horvat - Kuzmenko


 McMichael - Trocheck - Dickenson/Pearson


Highmore - Lammikko - Lockwood


Hughes - Marino 

OEL - Myers

Rathbone - Schenn



Now in the Pipeline: 


Canucks add 15th picks, Washington's 20th Pick, Washington's 3rd

Vincent Iorio


I kind of think of this as a greatest hit collection from the last few months. I think it gets us younger, tougher, and allows to have more assets moving forward. I would use the 15th and 20th picks to draft a defenceman and a LW.



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1 minute ago, Crabcakes said:

If Garland gets you Marino, why not keep Miller?


Future cap issues?


Honestly, Pitt might lose Malkin so maybe they'd be more interested in Miller as part of the deal.  

Miller could for sure get us Marino and Kapanen.  Garland to Seattle for Larsen.  Myers for picks. 

Hughes Larsen

OEL Marino

Dermott Schenn


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I do want to give space for Kuzmenko and Hoglander to have a larger role and that is why I have no real desire to get Kapanen. Maybe that is why I went for the 1 for 1 hockey trade.


The real prize for me would be Iorio as a RHD prospect who could be given time to develop while Marino plays with Hughes. Add the other pick from Washington and I think we are sitting pretty.


I still think Myers, and OEL for that matter, become easier to trade next year, when their actual salary (not AAV obviously) goes down. I would rather not include the assets needed to trade them this year. But if it could be done then I'm all for it. Then you could go the Manson/Gudas route.


Am I crazy in thinking that Washington has become our most realistically solid trade partner given their immediate needs and ours? For me, Iorio is the long term treasure.



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Even if for only one season and it provided you with:


- A top RHD prospect

- A top C roster player

- A 1st and 3rd round pick



Bonus Question:


Would you budge if Dickenson/Pearson went with Miller in the WASH deal and the retention on Miller remained?




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