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[Rumour] 7 Overall Pick to Habs (Anderson/Dvorak)

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You should be able to do a lot better than that for the pick.  Miller should return all the top ten picks of that is the market value.


Both those players are overpaid honestly which means they shouldn’t have much trade value at all. They would need to retain on both.

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5 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

Maybe VAN could nab one of those 1st rounders from MTL


to MTL - Tyler Myers and Mike DiPietro

to VAN - #26 and Justin Barron

If they are trading Dvorak, Anderson, NHL roster players, for a pick it's likely that they don't expect to be in the running next season.  26 and Barron is going to help build their future. 


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My guess is OTT sees Anderson as either an excellent compliment on a line with Tkachuk, or another trucculent player who can take some pressure off Tkachuk but who can also contribute offensively and in the forecheck.  Dvorak is still a useful player despite having an underwhelming season.  It's not a "sexy" deal for the 7th OA but two established roster top 9 forwards for a single 1st Rd pick is valuable, if not a bit underwhelming.  It also might give a sense of how valuable 2022 1st Rd picks are considered right now (as opposed to 2023).

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Mtl is trash. Overpaid everyone, Fluked their way in a trash Canadian division and the true colors showed this year.


Remember it's not like they got these guys for cheap in the first place.. 


Ottawa has to support that young team though and they realize this 

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6 minutes ago, HKSR said:

Would you?


JT Miller for 7th OA

I'd think about it for sure. If I strongly believed in a player there. Doubt Ottawa wants JT. They want some longer term cost control and I doubt they want to re up JT.

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