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[Signing] Penguins re-sign Kris Letang

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Letang had a good year but wow, this contract takes him to 41-years old.  $6.1M AAV already seems uncertain if he regresses significantly next year, but for 5 more years after that?


I get that some guys stay productive well into their late 30s.  I guess the Penguins are confident Letang is one of those guys.

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5 minutes ago, McBackup said:

Damn, thats gonna take him past 40. Hopefully his body keeps up.


4 minutes ago, Shayster007 said:

Holy crow. 6 years eh? 

Apparently Letang keeps himself in great shape and has a strict training regime. Doesn't surprise me the pens are willing to gamble with a six year deal.


Great cap hit to add more pieces while Crosby is still around. Letang is still amongst the elite offensive defensemen.

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I guess 6M is a bargain cap hit for a guy who just put up 68 points, he's somehow still not showing signs of slowing down just like Crosby and Malkin so who knows how this new offensive NHL age will treat older guys.


I see him playing until maybe 37-38 and then retiring, but these guys won a couple of Cups so rightly deserve big fat pay outs like this.

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1 minute ago, Bure_Pavel said:

As a team that has won their cups and that will likely go full rebuild after Crosby era, they can afford to take this risk imo. 

Yeah, this is much different than how it'd be for most teams. This core won three cups, and after Crosby, Letang, ect are gone they're likely in for a lengthy rebuild.


They've nothing to lose by trying to milk what they can from this group.

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I get the impression that there is a divide in the thinking in GMs in the youth vs age debate.


but signings like this give me comfort if the canucks do keep Miller.


However, if the penguins dont find a second line centre, this deal is just taking up cap for years

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The money is what it is but the commitment to the player is huge and shows a lot of trust in him. The deal looks scary but it’s very respectable. 

I would have liked for us to have been in a position to make a similar deal with Edler. Would have made no sense with where we are but it would have been nice.

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2 minutes ago, flickyoursedin said:

Yeah LTIR is gonna save the Penguins at the end of this contract. Sucks Luongo was the only guy to say no to LTIR and just outright retire. Such a dumb rule.

The old “Luongo retires and goes into management to collect the money he’s owed” trick. 

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