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Poll included.


Rating? Good. Could have been more risk takers or grab more picks (failed to do either). Picked up the top sniper potential in the draft and a couple later picks (Gardner, Pettersson) look solid.


Wild (Brackett...Benning pushed him out the door), Detroit, Canadiens, Columbus and even Phoenix I thought had EXCELLENT draft days. 


In terms of trades or off-loading Miller (after all the rumors and Isles trade going dead) = unremarkable FAIL for the new regime. The next deadline is July 13 (UFA season).

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Just now, billabong said:

My only disappointment is this teams inability to acquire a few extra picks 


I thought for sure they would acquire at least 1 or 2 mid to late round picks but naww :wacko:

I think if there were no desired players where they drafted, they probably would have done so. Lekkerimakki being available made a lot of sense to snag him rather than trade down in my opinion, but that's my opinion.


And their next pick was a 3rd round pick and trading down at that point is kind of... well... meh lol

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I chose average they have had similar results in the past with players falling to the Canucks before but not getting some extra picks was a big let down for me it seems like they are planning to stay the course who knows if things change over the course of the summer but free agency is coming up and we will see what happens then.

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I put average. I feel the picks they made were good for the position however our team needs more than what we got. There is still time to make moves, check the UFA market etc but I think something could have been done to pick up a dman or some more picks during the draft to improve quicker. Hopefully these swedes are stars and I am wrong. 

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13 minutes ago, billabong said:

My only disappointment is this teams inability to acquire a few extra picks 


I thought for sure they would acquire at least 1 or 2 mid to late round picks but naww :wacko:

My disappointments as well.


Wish we were able to acquire a a pick or 2 in 2nd/3rd round.


And I wish we were able to get a RHD prospect or 2.


Outside of that I Love Lekkerimaki and the two LHDs we drafted. The C also looks like. good project.


Goalie just gonna leave that one to Clarky and scouts..


Would have preferred Grudinin though looked like bpa there to me and Ty could have been even undrafted or last round kinda guy. Even though that would have given us all LHD ford men drafted think he would have been a good dart throw at that point.

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I have no real opinion. 
For whatever reason Lekkerimaki was not on my radar; I hadn't even seen a single video clip on him.

In what I've seen since, he seems promising but is definitely years away from contributing. 

Like the Elias Pettersson meme pick. 
Don't mind taking a goalie, especially one that young who we can get some solid coaching and have Clark keeping tabs on him. 
Drafted some decent size. 


No idea. Was expecting a flashy draft, got possibly the least flashy draft ever. 

To be determined! 


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It'll be interesting to see how Lekkerimaki compares to Kemell in the coming years, as I had them rated in roughly the same spot in the top ten only for them both to drop. I really liked Ohgren, but I understand that there was way too much talent to leave on the board.


As others have said, I would've liked to see a bit more fireworks, but I'm grateful we didn't make a trade for the sake of making a trade. However, after the comments we've heard about getting bigger, faster, improving the defense and ultimately making fundamental changes, we cannot go into training camp with largely the same roster. I don't think adding Kuzmenko and overpaying for Marchment or Mikheyev is enough when our top two right defenders are Myers and Schenn. I want a good deal and I'm okay with being patient, but this management group has to show that they can follow through on what they say or they'll be eaten alive by the fanbase. 


I like the value picks in Lekkerimaki and Pettersson, I think Gardner is an underratedly intriguing find, and I let Clark deal with the goalies.  I don't know much about Dorrington except that he's related to Art Dorrington (first black hockey player to sign an NHL contract), and I had never heard of Kudryavtsev before today. Lekk will almost certainly play games for us, but I think we really need to hit on another one or two of these guys in terms of NHL bodies given where our prospect pool is sitting. 


The first 15 picks last night were amazing to watch entertainment wise, but I almost think Montreal did too much wheeling and dealing. They took a lot of risk by moving so many pieces, statistics say at least one of them will hit. I'm also pissed at Toronto, I really, really like Minten. 


I give the new brass a C+ for the draft. They need to do something substantial before the end of the summer though, or their overall offseason grade will be a D at best. 

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