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[Rumour] Toronto trying to trade for OTT G Matt Murray, who declined trade to Sabres

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3 hours ago, Alflives said:

Leafs have a good team.  Clearly, though, they need to have equal to (or better than) goaltending as their opponents to win a series.  Not sure if this is a guy who does that for them.  If Hellyabuck is available, that’s a guy who might be more what they need.  

Yeah fair point. They could really use a goalie that can steal them a playoff game or two in the first round to help them get through it. 

I'm surprised they would even be interested in Murray, just sign Campbell or go for Kemper. Great history being a cup winner and all, but rough recent play (even though Ottawa is bad). Maybe the deal will include Ott retaining 50% of Murray. 


Man I love Demko 

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