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(Rumour) DAL Holtby G career may be over

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Branden Holtby is reportedly unlikely to play next season and his career may be over, according to Frank Seravalli. 

Holtby missed the final 26 games of the 2021-22 season and all seven playoff games due to a lower-body injury. He will be eligible for unrestricted free agency on July 13. There has been no official announcement regarding his health or future from Holtby or his agent.



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To be fair, not many goalies in the world can cope with the number of grade A scoring chances we were giving up.  How many teams you see give up multiple clear cut breakaways and wide open slot chances?  He did have a 0.913 save% in Dallas in a defensive minded system, which was much closer to his career average.  


Even as a former goalie Jim Rutherford noticed it as well and also called the team out for its $&!# defensive coverage and system play

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3 hours ago, BureBurrito said:

Great goalie for the Caps runs but one of the worst fit in the Canucks dressing room and signings from Benning.

I'll never agree with this, or the flack Holtby got while he was here. Holtby suffered from the one of the same issues Halak did last season, the Canucks simply wouldn't score for him. Let's be real, the 20-21 Canucks were decimated by Covid and simply not very good. 


The Canucks don't play well for backups, they haven't in years. Lot of folks take Demko playing out of his mind to cover for this team on a regular basis for granted, we haven't been very good defensively in a long time. Even under Boudreau it was still an issue, Demko masked warts, Rutherford even commented on our overreliance on him and our lack of structure.


I've never be willing to pin as much blame on Holtby as others, and he never deserved to be dumped on the way he was. 



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