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[Signing] Blackhawks sign Max Domi

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Dammit....this is one guy I would have loved to have tried to obtain for us over a 3-4 year term.  Perfect middle 6 player and could have replaced Pearson.


Hawks just gonna ride him like a pony and trade him for a pick in March

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28 minutes ago, Hectic said:

I would have taken this deal for Domi over Mikheyev - Domi has roots with Horvat, cheaper, less risk.... 

my guy im thinking it had something to do with kuzmenko signing with us. I do think management loves his game and speed though regardless.

mikeyhev brings things to the team we don’t really have from anyone else. And he does have upside with defensive responsibility. 


I thought the deal would have been closer to 4M than 5 but I’m sure other teams were offering him deals too.


Domi might not be the best locker room guy either for and he lacks all the other things Ilya brings. Ilya is top tier without the puck, on the forecheck, on the pk and in top end speed without the puck on stick. He wins so many puck battles, puck chases etc. and he’s defensively responsible. Which can’t be said about most of our top 6 so we needed a guy like him.


it’s also nice to have a few Russian teammates who are all already friends and can support eachother. Who are all praised by former teams to be excellent team guys. 

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53 minutes ago, DownUndaCanuck said:

Blackhawks plans all over the place. 3M for Domi would have been a nice cheap option for our 3C but there's got to be better options out there.

I want our 3C to be better defensively anyways

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