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[Signing] Avalanche sign Brad Hunt

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1 minute ago, Hairy Kneel said:

Whalley Joe just trolling us.

But Why Meme GIFs | Tenor


First off, Burnaby Joe is no longer the GM.


Even if he was the GM, he must see utility in signing Mike Brad Hunt for two years in pursuit of a repeat Cup, otherwise he'll be dragging the team back.  


Further, if there was no utility in signing Brad Mike Hunt, his time would be better spent finding a better player to sign than to troll his hometown Canucks.


Good luck to Mike Hunt.  Um.  I meant Brad.  Maybe in his two years there, if we don't extend Bruce, maybe he could convince the Avs to hire him once Bednar gets fired next offseason for missing the Finals.  :bigblush:

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7 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Would be next to impossible due to how much trouble a team would be in to resort to letting this pylon dress.  The Avs will be better off dressing 13 forwards.

What would Joe Sakic do, eh Heff?


[Just hank'n yer chain; I didn't like Hunt either; thought he also might have been BB's spy in the room (many coaches have one).]

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