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Potential destinations for Blake Wheeler

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I acquired Wheeler in fantasy league hoping he'll go to a serious contender. Been looking into where he might end up. At first I just looked at some online lists, "3 potential destinations for Blake Wheeler". But after looking into it myself a little I realize those are complete horse$&!#. Florida? NYR? Obviously they can't afford Wheeler's cap. Especially when Winnipeg says they're not retaining. I came up with 5 reasonably plausible destinations that could potentially make the cap work and that might be on Wheeler's 5 team list (or he would consider waiving his NTC for).

Boston could do Jake DeBrusk plus Nick Foligno. Something of a cap dump in Foligno plus a useful young player. Boston wouldn't necessarily need retention, although they would prefer it for year two as they need to re-up Pastrnak.


Pittsburgh could do Jason Zucker plus Kasperi Kapanen for Wheeler. Like the Boston idea, Zucker is more a cap dump and Kapanen is the key for the Jets. Pens would still be over the cap so would need to move out a contract like Blueger or McGinn.

New York Islanders, I was looking at Josh Bailey plus Beauvillier or Palmieri, but that's too much value for the Isles to give up. Winnipeg would need to be adding something significant and without a lot of money attached.

Nashville could only do it if they're looking to move on from Ekholm. Not entirely implausible, but I'm not sure. They added McDonough so now they have a surplus on the left side. Would it make sense one for one?

Calgary might make the most sense of anyone as they suddenly have a ton of cap space and a glaring hole at RW. Calgary is the one team that could afford to do a mostly futures trade, although they'd probably need to dump one fair-sized contract, which isn't as simple as it sounds considering Lucic and Backlund have modified NTCs.

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20 hours ago, hammertime said:

I really like Wheeler I feel he would be a great buy low candidate for Washington. 

I thought about Washington too but the problem there is they're still assuming Backstrom might come back this year so they can't use his money. LTIR gives them some flexibility but they can't just up and use the entire 9 million. Also they have plenty of wingers, with Backstrom out they need a center for their top six.

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