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[Discussion] Signing P. K. Subban to a one year deal

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At his full market value I would pass but if we could get him for cheap, why not?  The thing is that he's going to want way more than we can afford.  I think he's still a quality NHL player so it's all about how much.  GCG!

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Open to it, unlike many. His contract was overblown, but he's still and effective offensive guy.


Would depend on other moves we make though.


If we could:


1. Trade Garland or similar for a 2nd pairing RD

2. Trade Myers for 2nd or 3rd round pick or another defensive prospect if needed to balance contracts


He's not the best defensively, but he transitions the puck well and still has solid offensive instincts.


Hughes / Schenn

OEL / ????

Rathbone / Subban


And, a top powerplay unit where we have a defense on the ice of Hughes / Subban, should be fun to watch and would free up another higher end forward to play second unit powerplay, balancing it.


This is worth considering, but only conditionally. We need another stay at home D on the right side to allow OEL to activate and start achieving numbers again.

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A one year, show me deal @ 1.9-2.1M - absolutely. Dude is still good, just was severely severely overpaid the last few years for what he brings now. Would make a good Ozone starts oriented bottom pairing with Jack Rathbone and also help run the 2nd PP unit with OEL. Having Rathbone, Subban, Dermott & Schenn as 5th-8th defensemen would be pretty good IMO.

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On 7/18/2022 at 10:16 AM, DrJockitch said:

Who would he play with?  Rathbone or Hughes would probably be a disaster and moving Myers away from OEL is a different kind of disaster.  

Trade Myers to Anaheim and put PK with OEL is what I would do. Anaheim has tons of cap space and needs D, they would be able to flip him at the 2024 TDL and get assets back. Just don't know how the deal would work to make Verbeek agree

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