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[Discussion]The Most Entertaining Canucks Games of All Time

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One thing I don't get why Sportsnet doesn't pick this up regionally is playing old/fan-voted favorite Canucks regular season games (they run NHL playoff classics like 2011 and 1994...and that's it or nothing at all during the offseason).


What is on your personal list of most entertaining Canucks games of all time?


Let's start off the list:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4SYLW1V5jo Canucks Flames 11-0 (March 20, 1992)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU69tUniR1E Canucks Sabres 6-5 OT win (December 7, 2019)




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I remember a few fun regular season games. The Canucks vs Flames last game the season in 2010 was fun. I also remember a game where Naslund had 4 goals and an 8-1 win over the Islanders where I think Bertuzzi had a hat-trick. Good games from my childhood from the WCE.

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2 hours ago, dr.naughtypants said:

I was at that game. Just watching this highlights got my blood going.That team was sooooo good from top to bottom. Outstanding at every position. 

If you go the Wild message board ... there is a huge thread just to trash the Canucks. Like what we have for the Leafs and Oilers here. When Toews scored the tying goal the reaction of that thread was just bizzare. Never realized the Wild fans hated the Canucks so much back then. 

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I remember vaguely one in December of 2006. The Flames/Canucks traded leads and the Canucks eventually won 6-5 in OT. That was a fun one my 11 year old self enjoyed. 

More recently, I sat second row for a 5-1 blowout of the Coyotes. We played like absolute crap in the 1st period, but then just took the rest of the game by storm. It felt like this was the game Petey broke out of his slump. Also Miller’s end to end was beautiful,

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Slaying the Dragon game was an absolute top level event for me. The best.


I was all in emotionally and that one was intense. My number one for sure....I mean, Burr. Come on.


In recent memory, this one. I was at the game and it was fantastic. (People slagging  Boeser need to watch this)



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Also this one. Was an unbelievable atmosphere...electric. It just felt special, start to finish. And I was there with my son, which is always awesome. You couldn't have written a better script. To experience this in person was just...magical.


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