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[Discussion]The Most Entertaining Canucks Games of All Time

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1.  Gino's first game as a Canuck
2.  That extraordinarily long playoff game against the Dallas Stars
3.  The game that Pavel Bure scored the overtime goal to win the series.

4.  Night Gino manhandled the entire St. Louis Blues team

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On 7/22/2022 at 7:28 AM, -DLC- said:

Slaying the Dragon game was an absolute top level event for me. The best.


I was all in emotionally and that one was intense. My number one for sure....I mean, Burr. Come on.


In recent memory, this one. I was at the game and it was fantastic. (People slagging  Boeser need to watch this)



I was going to share this! When Pettersson scored that tying goal, that was SOOOOO HYPE!!!!

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