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[Signing] Blue Jackets re-sign Patrik Laine

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8 minutes ago, TmanVan said:

Didn't they only have 2 million in cap space after signing Gaudreau? 


Does Laines deal fall into the  allowed to exceed the cap by 10% rule? ( Too lazy to math right now lol) 

Yes.  It's not necessarily straight forward to reconcile off-season cap space as it's not tracked.  Every NHL contract is on the team's off-season roster but 2-way contracts are accounted for on the pro-rata of their time on the roster the previous season.  CapFriendly doesn't show off-season cap space and still keep regular season breakdowns between NHL/AHL but that's not accurate for the off-season as everyone is on the NHL roster.


After adding Laine CapFriendly will show them with a roster of 25 healthy players + 3 on IR so 28 players against the cap - ie they need to demote at least 5.  They still need to clear more cap space though.


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5 minutes ago, HorvatToBaertschi said:

Youre right, Laine is an even bigger liability without the puck on his stick than Boeser. Talk about 1 dimensional, cant drive the play kind of player. I'd rather have Boeser every day of the week

1 dimensional for sure.


But with the game on the line and one chance, he's decent.

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15 minutes ago, stawns said:

Boeser isn't in the same teir as Laine, not even close

I agree, but with all the unfortunate family illness Brock has had to endure while playing in the NHL I am hopeful he bounces back net year. A 35g 35a season is my target for him


Laine has 3 years over 30g and 1 of which was over 40, hence why he costs more than Brock...also they did 4 years we did 3, you always pay more for an extra year epecially on a young elite player. I guess Laine hits 55g this year if he is healthy

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25 minutes ago, stawns said:

Boeser isn't in the same teir as Laine, not even close

To be fair, they have essentially the same PPG over the course of their career. Brock 0.79 PPG Laine .80


Brock .37 GPG, Laine .43 GPG


Laine has also struggled mightily with consistency, probably more so than Brock, statistically they are indeed close. 

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