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[Proposal] Intradivision trade: Tanner Pearson, NYR 4th for Nikita Zadorov

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To Calgary: Tanner Pearson, NYR 4th


To Vancouver: Nikita Zadorov




- After yesterday's trade, Calgary's depth is pretty solidified without Zaddy. They have Hanifin, Kylington (to re-sign), Weegar, Andersson, Tanev and then a number of depth players: Valimaki (1.5M cap hit), Meloche, etc.


- In contrast, Vancouver has a lot of depth on W.


- They are missing forward depth. Even with Mangiapane signed and Monahan returning, they only really have 11 forwards.


- Yes Calgary still has cap space but Pearson gives them a cost controlled winger for 2 years while clearing out Zaddy's contract, which means they can dedicate some space to re-signing their current RFAs and upcoming UFAs without further risk. Both players are fine at their current price but probably wouldn't bring much back in terms of future oriented assets. It's essentially a cap wash.


- Pearson reunites with buddy/ex linemate Toffoli, former teammates Tanev, Markstrom. More importantly, Sutter has a lot of familiarity with him and deployed him in all sorts of different roles in LA. Pearson was far down the depth chart as a rookie for their cup run, and he still managed to score at a .5 PPG clip in the playoffs.


- Canucks may have other plans going on behind the scenes, but upgrading their D 'via trade' as Rutherford has mentioned has clearly been difficult this off-season with the value++++ of cap space never being higher.


- Zaddy is LHD but can play right-side. He's not exactly the type of defenseman Allvin has been mentioned to be targeting, but he could be a decent plan B/still managing to upgrade the D if moves are going to be too difficult to make this off-season. He could also be moved down to partner with Rathbone rather than Hughes if a deal for a top RHD does come to fruition. For Hughes, he'd still be an upgrade on Schenn. He still plays that physical style though and might free up Hughes for more dzone starts when necessary. He was also a mainstay on the PK once the playoffs rolled around - and CGY had the second best PK % in the playoffs last year. Canucks have upgraded on their PK this off-season and this could further help.


- Zaddy was utilized as a 6th defenseman last regular season for the most part, which does play a part in his strong underlying stats. However, he does seem ready for a top-4 role and was awarded decent contract showing the same. He wasn't given a NTC and when he was signed CGY probably had no idea they'd land Weegar. In the playoffs, Zaddy played crucial roles and was one of Calgary's best physical players, landing huge hits - something Vancouver could still upgrade on.


- Zaddy has some familiarity in the Canucks system as well. He was a jr. teammate of Bo Horvat, he broke into the league while Myers was still on the Sabres, he was coached by Jeremy Colliton (now Abby's coach). He's also a client of Dan Milstein, who Allvin might have a bit of a relationship with after signing Kuzie and Mikheyev to fair deals.







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45 minutes ago, VancouverHabitant said:

I gotta agree with this....  it would be a bad look on a franchise to trade a player immediately after he signs with the team.  



Yeah, it's almost as bad as signing a player and then buying them out at the end of the season...











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I was looking at how many d-man Flames have signed, after seeing this it gave me a better idea don't know if it would fly 


To CGY Garlund, Pearson, Dickinson & 4th 2023

To Van Dube & rights to Kylington 


Would like to add Lucic but most would probably say no 


Kylington I could see being a top 4 d-man & Dube from bc a little on the smaller side though.

This will probably clear a little cap space after re-sign Kylinton 

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19 hours ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

Zadorov just signed an extension last week. Probably not being moved.


15 hours ago, VancouverHabitant said:

I gotta agree with this....  it would be a bad look on a franchise to trade a player immediately after he signs with the team.  



I agree with this for the most part. It's usually the typical/respectful thing to do, but Calgary has had an unexpected summer, which is the only reason why I think it might be realistic. Keeping the trade close and working with the agent to move Zaddy to a team where Milstein clients have recently been treated well might not be impossible IMO.

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