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Multiple shootings in Langley + Shooting in Whistler Village, reports of 2 dead.


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9 hours ago, CBH1926 said:

Murder rate in Canada is 4 times higher than Switzerland or Italy for example.

Amongst western and developed nations Canada is close to the top in terms of murders.

But as long as it’s lower than the U.S, things are good in the eyes of many.

Yes but the Swiss is also number one in hoarding Nazi gold so there is that. 

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10 hours ago, CBH1926 said:

There seems to be lot of speculation about what is causing some of these shootings.

Media, glorification of violence, Americanization of Canada etc.

How about inept judicial system in Canada?


One of the alleged killers from Whistler has been in trouble before.

He has managed to commit three armed robberies, have a legal proceeding, get sentenced, serve time and get out to kill these two guys. All that was accomplished in little over 3 year time. I mean, I have seen hamburgers that get churned out slower than that.

Our Canadian legal system is a joke.

A close friend is a CO in a prison in VIctoria.

Along with the mild sentencing in general, he says the majority of the guys in there look forward to getting out and continuing to do what they do. Mostly drugs, and crime is the way to achieve them. Nobody is interested in rehabilitation. 


I feel culture in general is at an all time high for apathy, the coolest way to be these days is ...not giving AF. Gone are the days of looking up to the good guys or feeling shame for being a criminal... it's almost like it's cool for some..



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15 hours ago, bishopshodan said:

I don't mind the bee-doo bee-doo my phone has done 3 times today.


However, shouldn't they fine tune the system?


I live on the Island. Do I need an alert at 6:20am?  Maybe they could trim it to a 100k radius?

I mean, I was driving home from the gym at that time so It really wasn't a big deal for this early riser but I thought it was strange. 

Ahh, to quote myself...

They just mentioned on the telly that the alerts that went out to the Island were a mistake.


That makes more sense. 

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13 hours ago, Gnarcore said:

Yes but the Swiss is also number one in hoarding Nazi gold so there is that. 


13 hours ago, CBH1926 said:

And number one is making watches, so there is that as well.

Let's not forget the awesomeness of Toblerone.



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