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(Discussion) Which two RHD do you think the Canucks will acquire during the offseason?

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We have all been waiting (patiently) for an upgrade to our  D corps during the offseason.  Many names have been suggested and many trade proposals have been submitted to this point.  I was curious to find out who the other members of this board feel are likely candidates to solve the Canucks’ issues on defense.  To set some guidelines, I am assuming that two new defensemen will be joining the club.  Your choices can range from Charlie McAvoy and Noah Dobson to Anton Stralman and Michael Stone.  You don’t have to list any trade proposals,  but the cap hits should be doable for the Canucks.  These are the opinions of fellow Canuck fans, so please don’t be critical of their suggestions.

My two choices are Damon Severson and Connor Murphy.

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Nobody. Management seems content to go into the season with the atrocious blueline we currently have, the excuse being that "It's going to take patience to get out of the mess Benning left, and we weren't going to win the cup this year anyways", which is apparently a perfectly good reason to sacrifice the season, including the final years of both Miller and Horvat's cheap contracts, Kuzmenko's one year contract, and a year of Podkolzin and Hoglander's entry level contracts. 

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I expect to add none this off season.


Once we see what we have in Kuz, once we see how Hog comes back, once we see Lekk and possibly Aman or Karlsson or Klimo blossom plus our 2023 draft we will have more than enough forwards to start making trades without decimating our forwards to add  D.


I expect that is the plan from management and is consistent with their comments and tone.


I also think they deserve more time before people Benning all over them. 



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