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[Discussion] 3 trade ideas for Mikey Dipietro

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Potential trade ideas for Mikey Dipietro, whose agent is set to explore a trade from Vancouver:


To Vancouver: Arvid Holm

To Winnipeg: Mike Dipietro


Why? Two goalies taken in the same 2017 draft who struggled mightily with their respective teams last year. Holm has that tall, athletic build that Clark works so well with. He is a position first goalie as well, but struggled with a team worst .877 SVP in Manitoba last year. Jets have a very similar goalie, Salminen, coming to the Moose this year and so Holm could be easily expendable. DiPietro was taken higher in the draft and despite struggles still put a better season together than Holm. Neither team takes on a new contract in this trade. A fresh start for two young goalies.


To NYI: Mike Dipietro

To Vancouver: 7th round pick 2023


The Islanders have let Corey Schneider walk and don't really have a back-up in Bridgeport anymore, they still have their third AHL goalie in Appleby but he's more ECHL oriented with call-ups. Islanders have a ton of contract space with only 37 contracts on the books. Plus, they love paying goalies named Dipietro. This gives Mikey a chance to find some ice-time, and it's a low risk pick-up for the Isles who have the space. Canucks don't have a 7th next year, so this minor move fills their draft card.


To Minnesota Wild: Mikey Dipietro, 7th round pick 2024

To Vancouver: Hunter Jones, a 6th round pick 2023


Hunter Jones was drafted more recently than Dipietro - in 2019 as a 2nd round pick. But he's struggled mightily since turning pro, playing with a .878 SVP in a ECHL stint last year (and his AHL #s weren't much better). He's about to be leaped by Wild 1st rounder Jesper Wallstedt. In Minne, they also traded Talbot for Gustavsson, so there could be a 5-way camp competition for NHL back-up, and the first two goalies on Iowa. It could be a different goalie playing back-up to Fleury, especially if there's injuries. There's no way Jones makes it next year, but if things go right for Mikey, he might get a call-up. Like the Winnipeg trade this is contract for contract and fresh start for fresh start. Canucks taking on the slightly worse goalie's contract, so get a minor draft upgrade. Jones is a tall and athletic goalie who is critiqued for playing too deep in his crease, needing to work on reading plays, and work on his technical skills - maybe a perfect Ian Clark project.

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Can MDP be loaned to an AHL team that'll actually play him so the organization can see what they have and he can be motivated to showcase himself for a potential deal?  Or do clubs do that anymore after the pandemic?

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18 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

True, but Winnipeg clearly doesn't think it's necessary to have a backup who belongs in the NHL.  DiPietro is a clear upgrade over that useless sieve.

I’m no fan of Rittich. He’s not good. But in what world is an undersized AHL backup with 3 NHL appearances (in which he was absolutely shelled) a “clear upgrade”? 

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I think Dipietro is better as an odd on in a bigger trade to increase the value a touch. 


Otherwise I would lean towards just keeping him and seeing if he improves. At the moment it feels like we'd be trading him for essentially nothing. Kid might still turn into a solid goalie if he can have a good season. 

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