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Rutherford Interview on July 27

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Thanks for taking the time to write this up. 


Sounds to me like, they have a plan and aren't deviating from the plan just to make a move. 

I still give them a pretty low grade for this off season so far, but am very willing to hold off on any real judgement for at least a full season. Feels like they've been targeting next year's draft and off season since they got here anyway.

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We've got a deep forward group (before the inevitable injuries hit) but the D still needs a lot of work. Think we're over the cap too so somethings got to give. Not sure how Rathbone is going to find a position on the team with OEL, Hughes, and Dermott on the left side. I know some of those guys can play on the right side but are we putting in Rathbone over Myers, Schenn, and Poolman??















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Defense needs work, changes through trades, hard to clear space, won't trade picks or prospects, trying to acquire picks and prospects..


Management and Miller are far apart in negotiations..


By Jove, that's JT's music!


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23 minutes ago, JamesB said:

6. Question: What about Miller?

Answer: The best option would be to re-sign Miller. But the sides are a long way apart. JR did not sound optimistic.

Will make a trade for the right deal but in no rush. But do not want to lose Miller for nothing and probably will make a trade if Miller is unsigned at the deadline. Do not want to lose him for nothing in Free Agency.

My take: No change on previously announced position. Expect JR to be on the team as the season starts.


JR suiting up, that's some dedication at his age! :P

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When JR speaks, I find I listen. 


Just a vibe I'm getting, but it sounds like the Canucks and Miller are really far apart, but he's saying the right things, like how good of a player JT is and how much they'd like to keep him. Doesn't mean they will. Almost seems like a message through the media that the Canucks aren't willing to move the needle to re-sign him here. It's business and there's only so much money to go around.


I hope JT does the right thing and lets the Canucks know before training camp, that he'd like a trade, so he can get paid.  

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Need to improve the D by way of trades


Sorry Garland, but you're an attractive trade chip, who could they get for him?  Severson?


NJ now has Hamilton and Marino at RD, with Nemec and Mukhamadullin developing.


Severson seems like the odd-man out. (UFA after next season)



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With how many decent players seem to be available just for cap space and how that is paralyzing the trade market... I am starting to think I wouldn't actually be at all opposed to trading a 2nd or 3rd round pick if it cleared enough cap space to then make another move.  If the price to move that cap space is a 1st, I don't do it... but if you can make a decent upgrade to the roster for a pick that is only a 25-30% chance of being an NHL regular, then it could easily be worth that.

A team with $5+ million in cap space right now and with actual dollars to spend would really be in the driver's seat for making some Erhoff level deals.  We likely missed the boat at the TDL for a move like this, as the prices for clearing cap are probably just too high right now. 

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32 minutes ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:

Reminds me of something a buddy of mine told me at a meeting:

"Do you know when someone has power?

When everyone is making noise, and someone starts talking quietly - and then everyone shuts the &^@# up.











Without needing to be told to shut the &^@# up.

That's when you know that someone has power."



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