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Commonwealth Games 2022 thread


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Thought I would add this here as I didn’t see one. Be interesting to see how the athletes do in Birmingham 2022 and also what people thought of that opening ceremony 


At the rugby 7s and Australia women look good, for the men Canada resounding beat wales, which means they should along with Fiji qualify as the top two on the group. 

England mens got taken part by Samoa and now to progress would most likly need to beat New Zealand in order to progress but they were as hopeless as Samoa were good so I don’t hold out any hope of that 






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Watched some 3x3 basketball this afternoon in the centre of Birmingham, was sat in front of a very vocal group of Canadians. Turns out they were friends and family of Tara Wallock on the the Canadian 3x3 players. Didn’t get a chance to speak to them though which was a missed opportunity.

I went into 3x3 thinking it would be okay,  it the intensity of it is great, pretty action packed and fun. Would I pay to go see it again probably not (unless it was local) but as a festival sport it’s pretty neat 


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Canads Mathias Guillemette has been disqualified from the sprint cycling after causing a horrific crash which left 3 cyclist requiring hospital treatment including one of his team mates, and also launched a cycling over the top of the barrier into the crowd, injuring two spectators  (another left the arena ina. Wheelchair and was covered in blood) and causing the cancellation of the entire morning session!


im not going to post a video of it, was watching it this morning on the tv and it was horrific 

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