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[Signing] Ducks sign John Klingberg

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Just now, Shayster007 said:

Man.. cap is king in this NHL. Bet Ducks flip him at the deadline for a haul. Great move by them.

It’s a win win….they squeak into the playoffs with him or they sell him off before the TDL if they are out of the picture. 

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10 minutes ago, CRAZY_4_NAZZY said:

Wow wasn't able to get term.


Cap strapped world really impacting contracts. 



He probably didn't want term with the Ducks in a rebuild and nearly no other team had cap space.  


There are only 5 teams that can comfortably sign a 5M contract (ie lower than the 7M he got) - Arizona, Chicago, Buffalo, Detroit and Anaheim.  There's simply not much cap space around the league.


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10 minutes ago, Gawdzukes said:



The dream is over. Doh! Good deal for John though he can sign a bigger contract next year when teams get some flexibility perhaps.


Also, Anaheim might be sneaky good. They were off to a good start last year and faded down the stretch.

7 is too high, ah well it is what it is. 

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Just now, Ilya Mikheyev said:

Gets them to the floor, fills a right side need, then likely a RS TDL deal similar to Lindholm last year. Great get for the Ducks


Klingberg better hope he can stay healthy so he can get better term next year

Never really liked his numbers. Can’t see how he would flourish there. Terrible minus player. Dallas is a much better team than the Ducks.

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