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[Signing] Juho Lammikko signs with ZSC Lions (Switzerland)

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a little surprised he couldn't land a league min. contract or decent two-way considering he comes to play and can play all three forward positions, but a good get for the Lions - he'll probably come 1st or 2nd on their team in points with Azevedo starting the year hurt. Gronberg will like his tenacity no doubt.

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8 minutes ago, N7Nucks said:

Y'all really still thinking about Benning? It's equally pathetic as it is hilarious.

Something Something.... &^@# MESSIER, Raymond Ballard and a third, Omgzz we love Tyler Motte!!! 1 million pages JT Miller trade thread.


Its all the same friend. I guess we're all pretty pathetic in a way:huh:

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53 minutes ago, JM_ said:

I'm a little surprised that he didn't get (or sign) a two-way deal to stay in Abby. 


Well, I guess this means ANA won the 2016 draft. 

Although I wish Olli well, if it's Juolevi  vs Juulsen as the remnants of the trade, my money is on Juulsen making the big team out of camp.

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1 hour ago, Mustard Tiger said:

Another prime example of how low our standards our. Many of us figured he's a good 4th liner. Nobody else in the NHL thinks that clearly

We get attached to players way too easily round here, and while that's cool and fans can do what they want it elevates positive bias 

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