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A couple more Miller proposals (Proposals)

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28 minutes ago, J.I.A.H.N said:

I will get right to them!.............In no real order!


#1 Pageau, Mayfield and 2023-1st.................for....................Miller


#2. Whitecloud, Roy and a 2023-1st...............for ...................Miller

yes to white cloud and roy, Miller wold help Vegas get back on track

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I really like proposal 2 but the problem with Vegas as a trading partner is that they are in cap hell currently. That trade means they would have only 2.5 mil to resign Hague as well as add one forward and one dman to fill out a 23 man roster. 


That being said, I think Whitecloud would be a great target for the right side. I wonder if retaining 50% would incentivize them to add Brisson or Dorofeyev as that would give them over 5 mil to fill out their roster.

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No way we trade Miller within our own division, he will just destroy Petey head-to-head. The NYI trade is very tempting, they have plenty of good pieces. Realistically Dobson is untouchable but I wouldn't mind Pulock as Hughes' RD partner and while he's a bit older, he's probably got a good 3-5 years left.


Do they do Pulock + Pageau + 2 or 3rd, or Pulock + Cizikas + 1st?


Cap-wise they have 11M to sign a lot of big players, if we do the first trade we're around 7M over the cap then so we'd have to move some pieces around (namely Garland, Dickinson and/or Poolman). I'd happily to the first trade then flip Dickinson and Poolman (4.5M cap) for nothing, or use the pick we get from NYI as a sweetener. We'd be around 3M over the cap still so I wonder if we could trade Myers for a 2nd or 3rd round pick to anyone and then trade Garland for a defenceman (purely as an example, but Garland for Marino but something similar).


Boeser - Pettersson - Podkolzin

Kuzmenko - Horvat - Mikheyev

Pearson - Pageau - Hoglander

Joshua - Lazar - Lockwood


Hughes - Pulock

OEL - Marino (eg.)

Rathbone - Schenn


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