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[Report] Alexandre Texier will not join Blue Jackets for 2022-23 season

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1 minute ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

Alexandre Texier, per the advice and recommendation of the NHL/NHLPA Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Program, will not join the club for the 2022-23 National Hockey League season.


WOW, that’s a bit shocking.

all the best to him.

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It's easy to forget how  young these guys are. Alex is 22. I wasn't that grown up when I was 22. Hopefully this year away from the NHL and being near his family will help him with whatever problems he is going through. If I remember correctly he took a leave of absence at the end of last season too once he got injured. He is leaving 1.5 million on the table by stepping away from the NHL this season. I hope he gets the help and support he needs back in France. I won't be shocked if he signs in the Ligue Magnus and plays close to home this year and torches that league in the process.

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It's a continuation of the leave of absence he was granted in spring following the death of 2 family members.  This would have been the last year of his deal (1.525M) but it's going to slide per Portzline.  He also tweets that he is expected to sign in Switzerland for the season.



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3 minutes ago, singing chef said:

Maybe CBJ would like J.T. Miller to help out in his absence, set up Jonny Hockey to score 60 goals.  In return, perhaps Roslovic and Peeke, maybe add in a high draft pick.  Just my inner ramblings on a hot mid-week day.

It was only a matter of time before this became another JT trade thread.:lol:


Good luck Alex.

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42 minutes ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

He missed some time last year on personal leave and lost a few family members last year I believe as well. Hope he gets the help he needs.

Wow, he's dealing with a lot right now.  Hope he gets better mentally and emotionally.  The hockey side of things can wait.

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Yet again we see an NHL player show they are just human, wish him all the best but I think it is a positive step to see players like Carey Price and now Texier take a step back and deal with and process things that they are struggling with. All the best to him and hopefully he can recover and come back to playing hockey at the highest level.


Canucks had a player named Rick Rypien who might still be around if players were taking a step back and seeking help before he passed on...it is truly sad so many people around the world suffer from a variety of things, at least we are seeing more people feel comfortable talking about it or taking a step back before it maybe going too far and ultimately sometimes ending in death

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