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NHL 23 Thread

-Vintage Canuck-

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I just started playing it a couple days ago. I skipped 22 so I have been playing 21 for a couple years now. Gotta say, 23 compared to 21 strictly in terms of game play is absolutely miserable. I hate it. It caters to those idiots that just do like 27 dangles down the ice as they hog the puck then score obscure weak goals. It’s almost impossible to body someone off the puck now, or on the opposite they lose the puck from getting breathed on. There’s no in between. It’s literally not hockey… I’m not going to be play Chel at all anymore. I started franchise mode and will probably give be a pro a try. Chel gameplay has been going downhill for years but this is the worst it’s ever been. I wish they would go back to like 17/18 with simplified dangles and such. I don’t mind the changes over the years in passing and shooting. But they’ve really ruined a once great franchise. 

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