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[Signing] Sabres re-sign Tage Thompson

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2 minutes ago, CRAZY_4_NAZZY said:

Breakout year for the Sabres, was a monster for them. 


He certainly scored big on the deal. 

No kidding.  A 6'7" forward that can put up nearly 40 goals?  Pretty unique player for sure.

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At 24 years old, this player is just settling into his massive frame.

His coordination and strength were fantastic last season,.   His skating ability which is already above average, is going to become even more powerful yet.

7m is a steal.





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BUffalo has so many promising and possibly prospects they'll be handing money like this out to a lot of them soon.  This kid though, he's possibly as sure of a solid bet as they come.  I may eat my words but his size and skating ability is insane.  Everything we wanted from that former russian guy we don't speak of anymore on defense.


Hoping it handcuffs them in to some necessary trades soon.  Too much depth from over a decade of suck to hold on to all of it

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