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What game this season are you most excited about?

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A simple question. The dawn of a new season is upon us. What Canuck game are you most excited about? And why?


For me, it’s the Canucks / Flyers game in February (Family Day weekend), as I’m hauling my family off Van Island to see it. 

And perhaps in second place, the Nov 12th game against Leafs in Toronto, as there is so much fun in watching the Canucks defeat the Leafs in Toronto, on national fair and impartial broadcasting.


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29 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Ducks.  Exciting lineup that should be taking another step forward and will have a lot of battles with our core.

Those will be must wins against Ducks. Can’t have them stealing any points from  us.

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Games I’m looking forward to attending this year:


Sabres (home opener)

Penguins (never watched Sid live except for team Canada in 2010)

Carolina (SC contender)

Leafs (because I love drinking tears)

Colorado (to be the champs you must beat the champs)

Vegas (I like watching glitter tire fires)

Seattle (haven’t seen them live and Wright)


Also hopefully looking forward to be going to a live playoff game for the first time in 7 years this season. Have to go to work to get there boys



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