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Which player on a PTO would you be most excited to see?

PTO this season  

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  1. 1. Which player would you be most excited to see offered a PTO this season?

    • Chiasson
    • Subban
    • De Haan
    • Rodrigues
    • Milano
    • Other

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42 minutes ago, Curmudgeon said:

Most of those guys will get a contract. I'd go for Anton Stralman. Right shot, veteran, can play 18 minutes a night and most of his zone starts are in the defensive zone. I think he'd be Schenn, only better.

Stralman for a year, extends the timeframe for acquiring a younger/better RD in a trade.


Hughes    OEL                     or       Hughes   Stralman/Schenn

Dermott   Stalman                          OEL    Schenn/Stralman

Rathbone  Schenn                         Rathbone   Dermott/Burroughs


If Poolman can play, all the better.  If Stralman looks good with either Hughes or OEL start looking for a

Myers trade.

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10 hours ago, -AJ- said:

Subban would be fun and probably address our needs more, but Milano has a good bit of offensive ability and I'm surprised he's not signed yet. He can score probably 40 points and isn't that old at 26 years old.


Crazy that so many decent players are still unsigned. If we lacked offensive depth, these would be easy pickups, guys like Milano and Rodrigues for cheap. De Haan or Stralman fit our needs a lot more though. Both were defensive D on bad teams, where it's very hard to look good, but both would probably look far better here than in Chicago or Arizona, respectively. De Haan is only 31, so he would be my preference.


Some data on the three main D available:


Calvin De Haan

Age: 31.3 years

Shoots: Left

2021-22 TOI: 18:57

TOI rank on team's D: 4th

oZS%: 48.6%

Last contract: $4.55M for 4 years signed in 2018

69 games, 8 points


De Haan is the youngest of the three guys, but also provides the least offense. He would be similar to Tucker Poolman, though hopefully at much cheaper a price. His usage suggests he would be a solid 4/5 on our team--possibly an upgrade over Schenn, but not by much if so.


P.K. Subban

Age: 33.3 years

Shoots: Right

2021-22 TOI: 18:18

TOI rank on team's D: 5th

oZS%: 51.6%

Last contract: $9.0M per year for 8 years signed in 2014

77 games, 22 points


Subban is right-handed, which is always coveted and isn't too old yet at 33 years old. He brings a physical edge as the heaviest of the three and won the King Clancy award last year. He plays the fewest minutes of the three players, however, and probably isn't able to play top 4 minutes, except in spurts, unless he finds his game back after about four years under his previous high. He gets the most offensive starts of all three players.


Anton Stralman

Age: 36.1 years

Shoots: Right

2021-22 TOI: 21:20

TOI rank on team's D: 3rd

oZS%: 36.8%

Last contract: $5.5M per year for three years, signed in 2019

74 games, 23 points


Stralman is almost certainly the best of the three players and he's also right-handed. He plays more defensive minutes than Subban or De Haan, yet still had the highest offensive output. His minutes were quite a bit higher, showing him to be Arizona's #3 guy, though Chychrun's injury issues likely elevated his usage. He's probably more realistically a 3/4. However, the big kicker with Stralman is that he's the oldest player at 36 years old now, so we would be betting on him not falling off and probably offering a one-year deal (as is the case with most deals at this time of year).


I was just going to make a short post, but then I got all excited about doing some hockey research.

not as interested in PK, not sure we need a distraction like him and I have some doubts he'd buy into what Bruce is trying to build. 


Either of DeHaan or Stralman help us. DeHaan maybe a bit more only because it gives us better pairing options.


What the heck happened to Milano?


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Stralman, Subban, de Haan, Rodrigues 


We are more in need of F obviously but someone is going to likely do well by signing Rodrigues.


It would be interesting to see what a motivated Subban could be (if he was motivated) but if our plan is to get faster, he doesn’t do that.  He plays with an edge which could be a good addition… I mean we play Schenn on a top pairing and as much as I love the guy, he is a #7 on a good defence.

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Rodrigues is good but a little overrated.

Most GMs see that his sample size of “good” is also quite small. He’s average, and it’s why he hasn’t been signed to a deal yet. 

DeHaan for sure.


I’d even go so far as to consider Anton Stralman but: a) I’m not sure where his game is at now, b) if he’d even be willing to pay for a close to league min deal.

he’s a vet RHD though who’s experience could help a bit.

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I would love a Rathbone-Subban ozone deployment oriented bottom pairing and an OEL - Subban PP2 unit, but I voted de Haan because I weighted some realism into my vote. Adding de Haan to the PK and snagging the best defenseman left in terms of defensive zone play (outside of zone exits) would give Boudreau more options to find the perfect pairings. I've long gone on about de Haan's flaws in terms of being trusted in the top-4 at this point in his career, but at this point there's no UFA D left who would come in as safe top-4 options and I do think he'd excel in a diminished, structured role. 


Not on the list, but I would like to see ZAR here, but if he's willing to come to camp I'd rather just see him on 1 year/1.125 million dollar deal.


If the Canucks can land both ZAR and one of Subban or de Haan by waiving Dickinson, I hope they consider that, as much as Dickie could rebound next year, these are all players who would improve the teams depth quite a bit. PK units of Petey-Mikhe and ZAR-Lazar would be huge steps up compared to last year. Once the season starts, you never know where injuries would hit and Dickinson would likely eventually get a call back up.

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