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3 proposals

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Absolute no to proposal 1.

It might help D but creates a couple big holes up front that Debrusk does not balance out enough. Our added F depth this offseason then becomes moot without the supporting cast. 

Second proposal- Rags would hang up the phone the second you offered that to them. At most you’d get Kappo and Chytil for what you proposed. Or maybe Schneider and a Lundqvist or Chytil, but not at all 3. And given the team composition right now we need Bo more than any of those you mentioned from NYR.


COL would probably do the 3rd deal, but we shouldn’t. I like Byram a lot, but with our F set I don’t think we should be trading Bo at the moment at all unless it’s for a return you just can’t refuse.

Imho, we should go into the season and see how this team performs with the roster we have now (adding a DeHaan or similar as FA) and really start to consider any trades after Xmas if we aren’t meeting expectation. 




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Schneider and Chytil for Bo I would probably sign up for.  Bo's that rugged C that contenders like, but Chytil's shown signs of potential while he was with the kid line last postseason.  Schneider also fills a big need, so if the Rangers do it I'd be down.

Agreed trade 1 we give up too much (maybe if Zacha was included?); trade 3 I'd ask for Compher and Byram, and would include some value to go back to balance things out if they think that's more than what Bo's worth.  Compher would be a strong skating 3rd C that we could really use, and Byram would be a great LHD.

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I agree we would be losing out on all are forward depth. But are we going to pay Bo big bucks to be a 3c? Or move  Petey to the wing so Bo is 2c? If that’s the case Boeser could be gone? I still like the parameters of my first 2 proposals ( maybe a Little more coming back or giving a little more to make it work). If we pulled off something crazy and traded both trades ( not saying I would do it myself ) 

Kuzmenko Peterson podkolzen 

debrusk Miller mikheyev 

hoglander Chytil kakko 

lazar Joshua Lockwood

 Hughes Carlo

 oel Meyers 

Schen Schneider

 and you would be under the cap maybe bring back motte and still have room to add at the deadline if your in a position to add.

i love me some Bo and would rather keep him but it would open up some interesting possibilities, that’s all I’m saying. But I don’t see how we can pay Bo top $ to be a 3c and still be competitive.

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