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2022 Training Camp Thread

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-Vintage Canuck-

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4 hours ago, BarnBurner said:

Absolutely it's a concern, but it could happen on LD too. 


I personally like having Schenn as his RD. 


Built-in protection.

You can certainly rely on OEL to step up to the plate to protect his teammates. He may not win the tilt, but its about showing up to the dance, not killing it. Both times OEL stepped into the role to protect |Podkolzin.



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3 minutes ago, BarnBurner said:

Agreed and respect that of him. 


He's better in a lot of different ways that some don't give him credit for. 

Definitely feel the same of liking Schenn with Huggy.


I think with Hughes playing with all skill sets allows us to mold the d-core on a game to game and even shift to shift basis.


I do think in heavier games, you likely see Scdhenn spot duty. In speed and skill, perhaps OEL, Myers etc.

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2 hours ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Mr. Serious? I know it's a drag talking to local media. But he's also the only one in the group photo that isn't smiling.

Is he having a bad day, or just super focused on dominating the back end?

I like to think he’s super focused on the back end

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Lots of good things happening this season. 

At this rate were gonna have 30+ players on our roster.

Cuts are gonna be tough this year. I'm looking forward to going to Abbotsford for a few games if I can. 

I just hope this team is ready to roll from game 1. Last season even the pre-season looked depressing.  

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26 minutes ago, Outsiders said:

Still upsets me every time watching Bo skate away. Would have gone crazy from the bench had I seen my teammate turn his back.


Wish Burroughs would have gotten to McNabb first.. Burr woulda held his own and swung for the fences. 


Regardless, I gained a lot of respect for OEL and how he isn't afraid to jump in. Sure he doesnt fight but at least he does something unlike Bo "skate away" Horvat

It's an irrefutable fact, that Cap'n "No Crunch" is the fly-by king....aaand, here come the BH defenders, chock full of ad hominem attacks, in.....3....2.....1.....

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