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[Report] PK Subban announces retirement

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1 hour ago, Mustard Tiger said:

Good. I don't like players who are real good right up till they sign some big deal and their play just falls off a cliff. Greasy 

I'd argue he played the best hockey of his career in Nashville after signing that massive contract. NJ did a trick on him and he was asked to play a different role. 

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1 hour ago, timberz21 said:

I'm assuming that part of his decision to retire at only 33, maybe he has something lined up already.

While in Montreal this summer I heard a sportstalk radio interview with him. 

He never nailed it down - always side-stepping the questions of what he would do if he didn't get signed this fall.

Essentially what it seemed like is that he thinks he's going to be a 'philanthropist' of some sort or a patron of charities.


He made almost $80million dollars in his career, and if he was smart about his assets he could likely easily build that up to much more - you can do a lot of philanthropic stuff with that type of bankroll. 


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Didn't see it coming TBH, I thought he had another kick at the can. While he was a bit of a rat on the ice, I always liked the guy, and his philanthropic largesse is just a testament, as to who the real PK is.


I agree with others also, he'd be a great addition to the broadcasting fraternity. We need more outspoken, knowledgeable hockey personalities. I wish him well.

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