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[GDT] Around the NHL | September/October (24-01) 2022 (Preseason)

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8 hours ago, HorvatToBaertschi said:

Unfortunately I live in Ontario and have watched him a fair share since his days with the Knights. The article means nothing, 46 hits in 39 career playoff games, playing 21+ minutes a night, in all situations. Much ado about nothing. But since I don't share your views you can call me absent minded all you want, the kid is useless in the playoffs and always has been. Once the whistles get put away, and the physicality ramps up, he's invisible. There's a reason Toronto can't get past the hump, and as much as it doesn't all fall on his shoulders, he's a big 11 million dollar reason why they can't get to the 2nd round. 


PS, wouldn't the brainwashed absent minded fan be the one that reads a single article saying how Marner is gonna play physical in the playoffs, and then fail to see that he didn't do anything in particular to actually prove that article right? 

How many hits does Patrick Kane have in the playoffs? 49 in 130+ games. Marian Hossa, in his early stages of his career, was labelled soft; averages about the same amount of hits as Marner in the playoffs. Same with players like Point, Gaudreau, and every other player who is small in stature. It’s not their motive to throw hits. That doesn’t necessarily mean they shy from being hit. We’re not talking about Kovalev here. 

Useless in the playoffs? I thought he was one of the better Leafs’ forward last post-season, creating scoring chances for his linemates, while keeping Tampa’s top line grounded. Tampa’s top goal scorers (Stamkos, Point, and Kucherov) had a combine 6 goals the entire series. He was also arguably their best player, 3 years ago in the playoffs against Boston.

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