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Pre-Season [GDT/PGT] Canucks vs/@ Flames (Split Squad) / Sunday, Sept. 25/22 / 4:00 & 5:00 pm

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1 hour ago, Alienhuggyflow said:

I want to see the top 6 do well but I'm really curious to see the 2nd pair along with Rathbone and Woo. If Danny can provide the same level of calm to Myers, as OEL, I'll feel a lot better loading up the top pair.

I like how this preseason there seems to be a definite idea of what lines will be tried out. Last year Green got off on the wrong foot blending all the lines like crazy

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2 hours ago, rypien=hero said:

My take on the lines in van tonight based on projected rosters….


Kuz- Petey - Mik

Garland-Bo- Podz

Di Giuseppe- Dries- Lockwood

Arseneau - Focht - Sheppard 


Rathbone - Schenn

Dekeyser - Myers

Kalynuk - Woo


Among the many things I'm looking forward to in this game is Arseneau taking on The Hunchback of East Van and then Ritchie.  Really am looking forward to Kuzmenko's debut, Lockwood laying out heavy open ice hits, and Martin doing his best impersonation of a wall.

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6 minutes ago, Googlie said:

TV,  tablet and fone are my choices (youngstars stream I screencast to my TV, but not an option for a couple of hours tonight)

I have the tablet as well I usually use that over the laptop screen but it’s easier if I’m typing to use the laptop with both screen.


I could go TV laptop and tablet as well but I would then need to cast to the tv from a device. At that point I may as well just use less things and go to the computer desk 

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Complicating this for me is that I am an HotD fan and episode 6 will start sometime in the home game 3rd.  Could record that for later watching but I am part of a chat group that discusses it 15 mins after the end.


It's a scunner, as we'd say in Scotland 

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