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Opinions on our new guys?

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Although being a short sample size so far on Mikeyev, Kuzmenko, Joshua, and Lazar. What are you thoughts so far on them? 

We didn't get to see to much of Mick but I loved his speed and tenacity.. 

 And on a sidenote, Rathbone as well, in general because he isn't new this year... 

 I got to see 2 out of the 4 games and only got to watch parts of the 2 I got to see but from what I saw saw was Rathbone playing pretty good and solid moving the puck well but again I don't know if that was consistent so far or not in most of the minutes he's played. 

 My opinion from what limited game I saw, is that all 4 are exactly what we need to help compliment the core and huge upgrade from last year. 

 However the pre-season is sort of annoying having to wait to watch this team with the full roster. 



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So far the lineups have been such a mixed bag of guys we knew wouldn't be on the team it doesn't matter much. Assuming injured players don't return prior to start of season we're down to a final cut of two more players after Tuesdays cuts. The remaining preseason games, with mainly the regulars, is where we'll really see what the players can do. Which is also true of the competition. 


Kuzmenko, Joshua, and Lazar have looked fine. I also liked Karlsson's play. I think Rathbone still has some defensive difficulties. But we'll get a much better look over the next games seeing them play with better the quality regulars. That can make any or all of them that much better.

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Only 2 players that really stand out from camp and exhibition games are Kuzmenko, and Joshua. I think Kuzmenko is going to surprise a lot of people this year if he continues to play on the power play and on the first 2 lines. Joshua is the only other new guy that seems to play like he wants to make the team with his toughness and size. Everyone else that is new or trying to make the team just looks meh!!! 

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I’m liking Lazar more than I thought I would. 

When Kuz can get his stamina up to a point where he can be a beast for the entire game, instead of just the first period…..  I think we have a special player.  

Joshua is awesome.  
Toss him on the 4th line and let him smash away at the other team.  
Big tough kid that can skate.   I dig it 

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