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Canucks first team to perfectly use LTIR

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4 minutes ago, Mustard Tiger said:

Vegas looks like they are still over the cap with all ltir. Expecting they fake hague / brossoit on there as well for the time being lol
Same with florida. They have to trade someone.. Idk what the hell they do unless i'm missing something

lol vegas is not going to be over the cap with LTIR. Weber Lehner Patrick all going to be LTIR and Brossoit going to be starting the year on LTIR also as he's not going to be ready anytime soon to start the season.

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7 hours ago, MrCanuck94 said:

Really cool to see. Great job by the whole management team!

I'm glad to hear we made it under but just as happy because I saw Klim involved, been pulling for the kid since day one hoping he'd work his way into what JV was "supposed" to be. 

 Otherwise I'd say this shouldn't really surprise anyone, it's not like it JR's and Al's first gig, pretty sure they worked hard on the math and negotiations. 

 And a hard nosed RHD in Stillman sure helped. 

 All this roster needs is playing time together, once it gets going it will start to steam roll.. 

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3 hours ago, Cromeslab said:

We need more d period Rhd preferred we have options if right deal comes along,patience is hard to come by at CDC :)

Patience on the CDC??? Omg thanks, I'll be chuckling on that for awhile, that's the reason we don't have a cup in the first place, you can't win without a farm and we always sold ours off for a roster, worked great until the playoffs..  then injuries, then exit.. anddddd repeat. 

 You'd think after 40+ years of that NOT working you'd think people would stop demanding a one and done.. 

That's exactly where impatience has gotten us so far..  

 And I wish people would stop believing the media in Vancouver, unless it's real news and not their clueless opinions then fine but they push the one and done pretty hard las well like ALWAYS.

  It's getting OLD, we not only kick a dead horse over and over, we put and IV in it, then shock treatment finally CPR, that horse IS dead ffs! Get over it already... Lol it's not workinggggg! 

 Anyway, hopefully that's gone forever and we finally have a top 10 team that has a legit shot EVERY year... 

No more b.s.!!! 

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Something we have seen from the new management team is savvy cap usage and this proves yet again that they know what they're doing. JB flung the cap around like a child but Allvin and co. have been very conservative with it. 


You have to maximise cap usage if you want to win, Tampa did it very sneakily to get 2 cups.they 

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