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[Waivers] Anders Bjork

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6 hours ago, iinatcc said:

Quoted you by accident :lol: 


Anyways I'm was going to post this 


Have to say, in hindsight, she looks absolutely beautiful and that swan dress is a hell of a lot more interesting and fun than most of what you see paraded out on red carpets these days.

At the time, Björk was panned by the fashion critics for being one of the “worst dressed” celebs that year and was mocked for weeks afterward by the various hosts on the late night and talk show circuit.


But today, her swan dress is considered by many to be one of the most memorable and iconic red carpet appearances of all



I’m not much of a red carpet or awards show follower, so didn’t know at the time, but Björk actually left behind a trail of eggs that she “laid” as she walked the Oscars red carpet. That’s kinda awesome.




I’ve always been a fan of her, since the early Sugarcubes days, and consider Björk to be one of the most talented, creative, and innovative women in music (and a host of other art forms as well). She’s just amazing. :wub:

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