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Still out of sync

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Not surprising we're 3 games in and not quite there. 

 Somehow people forget the pre-season was all about seeing how everyone played especially ahl'ers and picks. 

 That wasn't even much of a warm up with the new guys as well. 

 As we are now, it's obvious players aren't quite there on D especially as a team. 

 Was this to be expected? Of course! 

 Then bring injuries in the mix and we're missing a player that's going to make a pretty big difference with his speed that was signed for that exact reason, Mikeyev is going to do great helping us win puck possession time and he did in T.O. and add a potent dynamic of a guy who can score on the penalty kill almost at will. 

 So speaking of penalties, without all the bad penalties by being out of position and not knowing exactly where your line-mates have a tendacy to go have a huge affect on that huge detail. 

 Thankfully there's enough skill on this roster that it won't take long to rectify and play like supporting each other.

 Last year's longest winning streak testifies to that. 

 So without the amount of penalties so far I think we'd be 3-0 not 0-3 

 Not fun to see us lose because of it but it's a major contributor. 

 One might argue the biggest point is not enough effort but I'd counter, same reason, knowing when to pinch at right time when you know your guy/s exactly what your doing and know where to be by instinct, again,  just like last year's string of wins we put together when Bruce arrived and simplified everything. 

 As it is now, as we get more practice and games together, the better.

 I'm anxiously waiting to hear about if Mike is playing next game or not.

 How valuable is Mikeyev to us? Well when you see someone with the speed of McD, it motivating. 

 On the way to playing as a team like a well honed machine that surely can't do anything but help. 

 I get it's frustrating but there are bright spots, clearly a better roster, Kuz is playing great and Podz continues his climb. 

Now we can put a Bure threat on the PK which will help until we get there as penalties decrease if he can pot us a few-ish along the way. 

 I'm not too upset by a expected slow start, by me anyway, we've seen this before. 

 Careful on the ClickBait of the media to lose their shite over this... 

 Like the panic button, just don't click it. 

(Remember how we got F'd over with JT according to them?) 

Just say no ;)


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