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Bruce Boudreau's Major Flaw as a Coach

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34 minutes ago, fivethej said:

What exactly has changed between last year and when Bruce turned the team around to now?

He didn't coach scared. I think now that his job is on the line he's overly reliant on the guys he feels that can get him there. He feels if he can just get Miller or Bo or Petey or Boeser going the ship will drive itself but meanwhile you have guys like Garland, Petey, Hogz doing a lot of legwork but not even earning top minutes. You had a 4th line who was unbelievable and was carrying the team not even see the final 7 and a half minutes left in the game.


Miller is always the top ice time getter for the forward group and you can't keep throwing crap at the fan and hoping something amazing comes out of it.


You play what's going well and you bank on that. Take the things that are successful and amplify them. Don't scratch them. 


He is the most stubborn coach I've seen in a long time. Just not adapting at all to what is in front of him. After this past game he wonders how his team goes out and shows no effort in the third period and refuses to acknowledge that he kept throwing out Miller in the third period. If you see guys don't care then why are you rewarding them? It's absolutely moronic. Miller played 8 minutes in the third period. That's nearly half the period, and then he has the gall to wonder how he shot himself in the foot?! 

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I don't think Bruce Beaudreau is the problem. I don't think the team is good enough. Just look at the schedule. With a weak D and no chemistry what do we expect ? As a matter of fact I'll bet Beaudreau knows whats going on.. He needs to do something fast.

I think they have relied too much on Hughes capabilities. Pettersen for me is overrated and coughs up the puck a lot. Its almost like Connor Garland is the best player. The 4th line has played ok.

The Canucks are looking like the most vulnerable team in the league.

Once again the Canucks have become a goalie graveyard.

The whole think is very depressing like the Blue Jays.

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