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[Proposal] Trades I made on NHL 23 that worked

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Ok for some reason I tried these trades on NHL 23 and they worked value-wise so hear me out. Looks like they've got an intricate trading system of teams and what they need, similar to in real life.  Both Calgary and NJD seemed like they had a plethora of defencemen and needed scoring/forwards so here's what I did:



TO NJD: Garland + 2nd

TO VAN: Severson


Why I think it worked? New Jersey have Hamilton and now Marino on RD who's younger than Severson and they're looking to continue retooling, they need forward scoring and the 2nd round pick really boosted the value of this trade a fair bit (basically the equivalent of another Garland value-wise). Cap-wise NJD would be over by around 700k but I'm sure they could just move roster pieces around to make it fit otherwise we retain 700k from Garland.


2) (this one was crazy but it worked, to be fair much later in the year when Tanev was 33 yrs old, going into the 2023-2024 season)

TO CGY: Poolman + Hoglander

TO VAN: Tanev


Why I think it worked? Tanev's really slowing down, Calgary have plenty of defencemen who will eclipse him and can get a younger, cheaper Poolman for their bottom-pairing and get a depth scorer they'd like to have. Why we do it? I just wanted Tanev back to be fair to end his career but also he pairs nicely with Rathbone in 2023-2024.


Hughes - Severson

OEL - Myers

Rathbone - Tanev




I've got to say, that defence did really well and is the level it needs to be in this league. We can't be relying on Schenn (who should be a 6-7th guy) to be our top pairing defenceman. 


If it works in NHL 23 then JR has no excuses.

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I don't know Severson that well, but the first steal makes some modest sense. The second one would only make sense in the world where Tanev is actually seriously slowing down, otherwise Calgary definitely never does that deal. Even then, he has an all-star level brain, so that should keep him a solid d-man for a long time. 

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