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Rumour keeps popping up about us being interested in Ethan Bear.  No idea why really aside from as a reclamation project.  He is behind Jalen Chatfield on their depth chart… but at several times the cap hit.


We had to give up a 2nd to offload Dickenson and at least he was dressing in games.


I propose the following trade with the assumption Bear has negative value as a cap dump.




1st (which is going to be very late) or 2nd




Mid/late round pick



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If you asked me if I'd trade Hoglander for a 1st I'd tell you yes. If you asked me if I'd trade Hoglander and say.. a 3rd for a 1st I'd still tell you yes. 


If you told me I could trade Hoglander and a 3rd for a 1st, a project you can walk away from at the end of the season, and a D prospect we may or may never see (because Russia things) I'd say yes. 


Bear's a project, maybe he's a 3D, probably no more than that. But you don't have to keep him. He hasn't played for Carolina this season and he'll be 26 next June, he likely is what he is at this point. 


A 1st in a deep draft ain't nothing to sneeze at, could use it on a D prospect, and we've got a glut of forwards. 

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