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Mafia - Death Note, Ryuk's Playground. Monday FIRST Night Fall.

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Death Note Mafia





It has been 7 days now and the 7th death at the Fukiu Prison. It was one death each day. It was unnatural. All heart attacks at various times of the day and various ages of prisoners. The 8th day came and with it came a televised broadcast. The broadcast was a white screen with the word KIRA in the center. And the voice of person who went by the name Kira! Kira asked the public to envision a world without fear, without crime. A perfect world. Kira promised to create a world without fear if you were not a criminal.

How could he create such a world? He then shared a screen of the Fukiu Prison, the cameras had zoomed in on a prisoner in the yard. Kira said this man had shot at a school bus killing 10 children in this senseless act. He got 5 years in the Psych ward. While he laughs and enjoys playing board games in the yard, he cares not for the lives he had taken and the lives he has ruined. Today will be his last minute alive. The world watched in shock for in 40 seconds later as the man clutched his chest and gasped. Trying to scream in pain but only silence as many watched him fall to the ground. Then the white screen reappeared, and the voice said, “Let the criminals of this world be warned.” Then the broadcast went back the normal broadcasting and world sat in disbelief.


It has been 30 days since the broadcast and many prisoners have died. Kira has become a god and gained many followers. Some are quacks and crazies, but L, Near and Mello have come on board and are assisting with the case, The Force is conducting their own investigations.


Who is KIRA?



- Find the owner of the Death note, his Shinigami Ryuk and his disciple Mikami.


- Write one name per nf to try and kill LNM and the force.

- Should the owner be caught, the disciple will be given a page from the Death note to continue their god’s bidding. and so on. No particular order. 

- Members of the Mafia can ask Ryuk for the eyes. To see the role of any player, but he will die at night fall. 


Scum knows their objective



L, with Near and Mello to assist the force in finding the Death Note and its owners.

L will be lead investigator, Then Near, Then Mello


Mello will be Sheriff; Innocents investigations will not change but Scum hit, he can disclose to L and Near Through me, but that scum will also be informed, and they can choose to write his name or not. 


No angel or Dr. but should Original Sheriff die, L or Near will become the new sheriff and they will be given one name of a person investigated - Just one. We all know once your name is written it's a done deal. You're a victim. 


Votes will be anonymous. Please send me a PM each round with your votes. After each round I will delete the conversation for votes. Please send me your PMs the day of the NF so it won't be notifying me every time one of you victims change your mind. 


PMs are allowed, be careful trust no one. 


Special must have their names into me 30 minutes before NF.


1.  @naslund.is.king

2. @AV.

3. @Tanev

4. @Sharpshooter

5. @Blue Jay 22

6. @luckylager

7. @falcon45ca

8. @Ilunga

9. @Aladeen

10. @Lewitelli

11 @Petey_BOI

12 @Zfetch

13 @Porscha

14 @Snake Doctor


I think we have a full roster so the game will start today. First Nightfall will be on HALLOWEEN at 9PM


PMs have been sent out, if you did not get one...your just another victim. 


Death Note: 10 Things You Need To Know About Mello

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I don’t know how this set up is going to work for the town between the secret votes and rolls. Somebody could easily lie in thread but act sinister in the DMs with their vote. Can’t even ask for transparency cuz that’s hard to prove. Best course of action is to vote out NIK and just go from there.

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