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Upgrading d fence-proposal

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22 minutes ago, BettyWhites44 said:

Arizona has fans?! :bigblush:

No Way Reaction GIF by Laff

Probably WNP snowbirds lol.  But yes, when this trade was being leaked, and before the actual details came out, i went on their version of the CDC, and they as a group, believed that no way they'd include Garland.   Because they didn't believe it was worth the cost of dumping OEL and taking our trash for our first lol.    Funny when you open your eyes to what other experts think. 


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As shown by rathbone and brisbois our left side is starting to look deeper


We should be looking for right side dmen who play a defence first/two way guy in the mold of hamhuis


i would be looking at trading Boeser to buffalo for a first top 10 protected then using that first and one of our many 6-7 dmen to try and get that dman who most likely wont be a chychrun

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For argument's sake, I think Arizona would want a 1st + Rathbone + Hoglander + 2nd round pick. 


I'd maybe do it if it was top-10 protected. Rathbone hasn't really broken into this league the way everyone thought he would, Hoglander has struggled lately too...sure we'd trade away two of our only decent young players and 2 great picks in a deep draft, but it would be interesting.


Of course there's no room for Chychrun with Hughes and OEL on the left unless one of them swaps to the right side, which would really stack our D nicely.

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